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Liana's Ransom


Flag: Canada

Rig: Two-masted, Gaff rigged,

Square Top Sail

Homeport: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Length: 85 feet

Sail Area: 232m2 (2,500 square feet)

Displacement: 65 tons

Hull: fibreglass on steel

Armament: four ¼ scale, 24 pounder black powder cannons

Year built:1998

Liana’s Ransom is a gaff rigged, square top sail schooner sailing out of Tortola, British Virgin Island. The 85-foot, steel-hulled schooner built in Houston, Texas was launched in 2002. Originally designed as a Staysail schooner, the ship was converted to a gaff rigged, square topsail schooner over the winter of 2006/2007. After three years sailing out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Liana’s Ransom headed south for the warmer waters of the Caribbean. With the capacity to carry 70 passengers, the ship’s design was influenced by the schooners typical of the Gulf of Mexico(shallow draft and broad beam).

Liana’s Ransom is sponsored by:

Parrish and Heimbecker

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore

Flag: USA

Rig: Topsail schooner

Homeport: Baltimore, Maryland

Sparred Length: 47.9m (157’)

Rig Height: 32.6m (107’)

Sail Area: 838m2 (9,018 square feet)

Tons: 97 GRT

Hull: wood

Pride of Baltimore II is a reproduction of an 1812-era topsail schooner privateer. Pride of Baltimore II promotes historical education regarding Baltimore-built topsail schooners and their crucial role in naval innovation, the War of 1812, and the penning of “The Star Spangled Banner”. She serves as a unique learning platform to build science, technology, engineering, math and social studies programs, and as a visual representative of American history and entrepreneurship in every port she visits. Pride of Baltimore II is available for dockside receptions hosting up to 100 people. She is also available for dockside or underway educational programming for groups of up to 30. Between Ports of Call, she accommodates up to six “working guest crew” as trainees. Pride of Baltimore II is operated by two rotating professional Captains and a professional crew of eleven. Crew positions are open to qualified male and female sailors. Pride of Baltimore II is owned and operated by Pride of Baltimore, Inc. – a 501(c) (3) non-profit.

Pride of Baltimore II is sponsored by
Investment Planning Counsel


Flag: Canada

Rig: Brigantine

Homeport: Toronto, Ontario

Sparred Length: 22m (72’)

Rig Height: 16.5m (54’)

Sail Area: 242m2 (2,600 square feet)

Tons: 33 GRT

Hull: steel

Tall Ship Adventures conducts sail training on board Playfair, a square-rigged ship designed specifically for youth sail training on the Great Lakes. Youth between the ages of 13 and 18 become the working crew on one or two week adventures, setting out from ports all around the Great Lakes including Owen Sound, along with her sister ship Pathfinder. The program is delivered by youth officers between the ages of 15 and 18 under the watchful eye of the captain, the only adult on board. Playfair is owned and operated by Toronto Brigantine Inc., a registered charity.

Playfair is sponsored by The Sydenham at Owen Sound

The Sydenham at Owen Sound


Fair Jeanne

The Fair Jeanne will not be able to sail into Owen Sound due to damage the ship suffered when it was struck by a fishing trawler on Lake Erie. The ship’s crew had hoped to make necessary repairs in time but the work was more extensive than expected. As result , the ship is unable to tour Georgian Bay this summer.


Flag: Canada

Rig: Brigantine

Homeport: Ottawa, Ontario

Sparred Length: 33.5m (110’)

Rig Height: 24.4m (80’)

Sail Area: 372m2 (4,000 square feet)

Tons: 124 GRT

Hull: fibreglass on steel

The SV Fair Jeanne sails out of Brockville, Ontario with teenagers or adults on voyages around the Great Lakes. She is dedicated to fostering leadership, confidence, and self-reliance in young people through sail-training, and is also a floating classroom offering high school courses. When at home in the 1000 Islands she also offers SCUBA diving and kayak trips. She is run by the non-profit foundation Bytown Brigantine.

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